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DIY Honey Lemon Salt Scrub


DIY Honey Lemon Salt Scrub

The other day, looking at my hands, I realized they desperately needed soothing oils and exfoliation. Because I craft all day and create DIY videos and tutorials, I wash my hands a lot and they dry out quickly. This DIY hand scrub will help keep my hands hydrated and soft!



Hands dry out if exposed to dehydrating elements, like SOAP and HOT WATER. Soap removes the skin’s natural oils, causing the skin to feel tight. Unless you replenish your hands’ oils, they will continue to dry out further and this can cause cracking and rough irritated skin.

Can a salt scrub replenish moisture in your hands? Absolutely! Discover how to make a DIY salt scrub to bring moisture back to your hands so they feel soft and smooth again.

I thought today would be the perfect time to share my honey lemon salt scrub recipe that you can keep alongside your sink. This salt scrub is perfect for rejuvenating your hands whenever they need a little extra love.

The ingredients for making this easy hand scrub are easy to find and you probably already have them on hand. DIY Honey lemon salt scrub. Make a batch of this salt scrub for yourself or gift it to a friend! Is there anyone who doesn’t enjoy getting homemade gifts? I think this homemade salt scrub takes the cake!

It has the appropriate ratio of oils and salts, making it my favorite salt scrub recipe for hands! Feel free to change the ratio according to your preferences.

A Honey Lemon Salt Scrub For Hands Contains:


Here’s how you can make your hand scrub at home!

  1. Prepare a large bowl by pouring in the sea salt and lemon zest.
  2. All of the oils, honey, and lemon essential oil should be mixed well together.
  3. Put the scoop into a container that can be locked to keep it fresh. It should be used within a week.

Take a bit of your homemade DIY Honey lemon salt scrub for your hands, and rub it all over your hands for about 20 seconds or so. After that, wash your hands with warm water.

For a spa party (or just for fun), put some rose petals in a glass bowl and fill it with warm water. Rosewater’s citric scent combines perfectly with lemon and adds to the ambiance!

As a bonus, you can soak your feet while doing the salt scrub in a bathtub. It is possible to add a few drops of essential oil and salt to the footbath. Alternatively, if you are feeling especially crafty, you can make your foot soak bath bomb!

To keep my hands looking and feeling as fresh and moisturized as possible, I make homemade hand scrubs about every second day. Having a jar of this scrub near my sink adds a pleasant touch to my bathroom and kitchen decor.

The guests love it when they notice it at the sink and I tell them to come ahead and try it! Once they taste it, they all want this recipe. Another thing we are used to is honey and citrus salt scrub.


I know, honey. You’re sweet. Golden is the word. Because of its outstanding versatility and seemingly endless benefits, it’s a natural gift. Honey is a staple ingredient when it comes to natural skincare and DIY skincare.

Honey plays a key role in my Honey & Citrus Salt Scrub recipe. This is a specific type of moisturizer called a humectant. Humectants, such as honey, help draw moisture into the skin and hold it there, thereby enhancing virtually any homemade beauty recipe. While natural oils and kinds of butter, such as shea butter and sweet almond oil, hydrate the skin beautifully, adding honey can help lock that moisture in, making your skincare recipe even more effective.

A helpful starter product for DIY skincare is Honey & Citrus Salt Scrub. Making it is easy, and there are no special ingredients required. This scrub, for instance, incorporates fresh fruit juice to offer a subtle scent and boost of alpha hydroxy acid. From mandarins to pink grapefruits, any citrus fruit can be used to make this scrub. For this recipe, I used sea salt, but fine grain salt (food grade salt) can be substituted in its place. Himalayan Pink or Hawaiian Black salt is suitable for the production of scrubs in a variety of stunning colors.

As an added moisturizing ingredient, honey is included in this Honey & Citrus Salt Scrub. The aroma of honey and its golden color makes it an ideal honey and citrus salt scrub ingredient. Honey is an essential ingredient in any recipe for homemade skincare. In my pantry, there are many kinds of honey, so you can use any honey that has humectant properties when cooking. Even my expensive honey stash can be dipped into without remorse since most skincare recipes only call for a small amount.

Making salt scrub made with honey and citrus




Getting there:

  1. The honey and lemon juice should be beat together in a small bowl.
  2. The oils should be slowly drizzle into the mixture while whisking continuously.
  3. Stir well to combine while adding salt.


To Use:

Body scrubs are best use for body treatments. As far as I am concerned, it is a bit too strong for facial use. Here is my recipe for Besant Facial with Grapefruit and Honey if you would like to make a facial scrub. This scrub should be massage gently over the arms, legs, hands, feet, and torso. After scrubbing, rinse your skin with warm water and follow with a cleanser if required. To preserve its freshness, this scrub should be use immediately or kept in the refrigerator for up to seven days. Best essential oil for a salt scrub.

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