The ability of hemp products to promote a multitude of healthy habits has made them a popular product in recent years. Mixing hemp with another, responsibly sourced natural product is one of the best ways to incorporate hemp into a daily routine or diet.

This is exactly what Colorado Hemp Honey does. The company found a crossroad between taste and health benefits by mixing hemp CBD with honey. Purchasing Colorado Hemp Honey provides both delicious honey and an opportunity to contribute to the organization’s social outreach programs.

Honey sales support the following programs:

  • Programs such as “Adopt a Bee” that promotes backyard beekeeping, and “Freedom Service Dogs for Vets” that turns shelter dogs into veteran service dogs.
  • Shelter dogs transform into service dogs for veterans thanks to “Freedom Service Dogs for Vets.”
  • “Veterans to Farmers” provides veterans with skills to set up, care for, and harvest honey all while providing them with a way to reintegrate back into society.

Hemp honey made in Colorado with CBD


Colorado Hemp Honey offers a wide variety of flavors made from high-quality ingredients, as well as an impressive community outreach program. The Detox Project certifies every flavor of their hemp and CBD products as being “Glyphosate Residue Free”. Therefore, consumers can feel good using any of their vibrant flavors, such as:

  • Ginger Soothe
  • Reduce Stress with Lemon.
  • Relief in raw form.
  • Black pepper and turmeric.
  • Raw Strength and Double Strength Relief.

In addition to experiencing the benefits of Colorado Hemp Honey, those who discover them will also be able to give back to local beekeepers, small businesses, and veterans.”

You can find their products on their website as well as in many hardware stores, pet stores, health stores, and grocery stores in Longmont, Colorado, and Boulder, Colorado. Parker’s Frangiosa Farms supply their raw honey.

Colorado Hemp Honey

Hemp honey and Colorado-grown full spectrum hemp extract have been combined to create a superfood of the highest quality – Colorado Hemp Honey.

Besides boosting antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, organic mandarin orange essential oil lowers blood sugar levels. These infusions provide synergistic benefits that surpass those of consuming each food separately.


  • 100% pure and raw honey.
  • Hemp extracts from Colorado are full spectrum (plant-based and not isolated).
  • Hemp contains naturally occurring cannabinoids, terpenes, and phytonutrients.
  • An exclusive, reusable process is used to extract the hemp, which preserves the terpenes and ensures its superior quality.
  • Triple-tested for purity and potency.
  • There is a superior entourage effect.
  • Veterans and bees are saved.

At the foot of the Rocky Mountains, Frangiosa Farms produces Colorado Hemp Honey. The company makes raw honey-based foods. The importance of raw

Raw honey is a natural product.

Raw honey is a product of nature. The consistency, color, and flavor will vary slightly. Raw honey will allow you to experience nature’s diversity. That’s a beautiful thing.

There will eventually be crystallization of raw honey. Raw honey contains trace amounts of pollen and propolis that are typically absent in pasteurized, filtered, or diluted honey.What the bees put in there stays in there.

Honey that has crystallized is still good. Upon re-liquefaction, place the jar in a bath of warm to medium heat and stir. Be careful not to microwave! Open jar and stir.

You will rarely see separation of oils and extracts. You will just have to accept it. Make sure to stir your oils and extracts before using. Find out how much to use. Increase gradually from a small start.

To use a teaspoon (5g) of full spectrum hemp extract, essential oils, and honey, wait 30 to 45 minutes for your body to metabolize them. Everybody responds differently. Take your time and relax. You can share it with your furry friends. Colorado Hemp Honey also benefits dogs and cats! At mealtime, drizzle a quarter to a third of a standard serving size on foods. If necessary, make adjustments.