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Honey Butter Cafe

Honey Butter Cafe is here for you!  Our love of food and culture is combined with a classic twist. Enjoy organic fresh coffee and our special Loukoumades (honey puffs) while relaxing in our relaxed atmosphere. Breakfast and lunch are available. We are a farm-to-table café that uses fresh ingredients from Wisconsin that are sourced locally. […]


Honey for Wrinkles

There is no doubt that facial masks can be a relaxing treat, as well as helping to reduce wrinkles and lines. You do not have to buy a mask that is expensive or designed commercially for it to work. The natural anti-aging properties of honey make them especially effective against wrinkles. Homemade honey masks are […]


Onion Honey Hair Mask

Each of us wants lustrous and healthy hair. It seems that we are always looking for ways to attain long sand beautiful hair. Furthermore, none of us wants to face hair loss, premature balding, grey hair, and other hair problems. As a result, onion juice can be used for treating your hair problems if you […]


Does Wasp make Honey

  In this article we will be discussing  about how does wasp make honey. The honey industry is heavily reliant on bees. Whenever someone mentions bees, their mind immediately jumps to honey or running away out of fear of being stung. Infrequently, if ever, are wasps and hornets associated with honey. The wasp family, however, […]


Honey Bee Hive Removal from Tree

The bees swarm when the old tree queen leaves with most of the colony. A cluster of bees stays on a tree limb for several days while scout bees look for suitable cavities to build a nest. The dancing bees help other bees locate the cavity by telling them where it is. If enough bees […]


Honey Bee Hive at Home

It may sound soothing to your ears to hear the buzz of the bees when you sit in the garden or on the lawn. However, if you see them hovering around your house, you may want to be cautious! There is no doubt that stings from bees can send shivers down our spines due to […]


Honey Allergies Myth

A popular television show is used to dispel several myths about allergies in Allergy Myth Busters. However, are the myths simply urban legends? In this article, we discuss the Honey Allergies Myth. Here Is The Myth: Locally grown honey helps relieve symptoms associated with allergic  atopic (allergic) conditions, like asthma. Few literature searches specifically deal […]


Colorado Hemp Honey Parker

The ability of hemp products to promote a multitude of healthy habits has made them a popular product in recent years. Mixing hemp with another, responsibly sourced natural product is one of the best ways to incorporate hemp into a daily routine or diet. This is exactly what Colorado Hemp Honey does. The company found […]


DIY Honey Lemon Salt Scrub

DIY Honey Lemon Salt Scrub The other day, looking at my hands, I realized they desperately needed soothing oils and exfoliation. Because I craft all day and create DIY videos and tutorials, I wash my hands a lot and they dry out quickly. This DIY hand scrub will help keep my hands hydrated and soft! […]


How To Remove Honey Bees

In this article we will be discussing about “How to remove Honey Bees” it will be a long and very informative article. Removing Honey Bees “How To Remove Honey Bees”  this is a very demanding topics by most people so here it is. The removal of honey bees from buildings is extremely difficult compared to […]