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How to Treat Psoriasis with Aloe Vera? 

We are going to discuss how we can treat psoriasis with the help of Aloe Vera. Before going to start with its treatment we have to know the term “Psoriasis”. What is Psoriasis? It is a serious seditious skin disease that affects approximately 3% of the world’s population.  In psoriasis, skin cells build up in […]


How to Grow Aloe Vera – A Guide to Propagate

Aloe vera plant care has many benefits, including its ease of growth. In the case of a hot climate, this plant thrives if you know how much sun and water it needs. Plant cuttings of aloe are not an option for growing a succulent from a leaf. Younger clone plants typically grow from the mature […]


The Best Soil for Aloe Vera of 2022

Aloe vera has medicinal powers, but you’ll need the best soil for it in order to reap their benefits. A desert plant always adapts to its environment – aloe vera grows best in dry, well-draining soil and needs regular watering. In addition to being super easy to overwater, aloe must not be under watered as […]


What is Aloe Vera Lipstick

Since over 6,000 years ago, Aloe vera has been used medicinally to treat many ailments. Aloe vera leaves contain watery, gel-like substances that have soothing, healing, and anti-inflammatory properties, making them ideal for treating chapped lips. Unlike other skin care products, pure aloe vera is safe to use in sensitive areas. You should also look […]


Aloe Vera Face Mask

Plants such as aloe vera are used in alternative medicine. Indian medicine has used Aloe vera for treating a large number of ailments for centuries thanks to its 420 different plant species. It has gained immense popularity for centuries due to its use in beauty, health, and skincare the use of the aloe vera face […]


Aloe Vera Oil

Aloe Vera is a miracle plant, but does it produce any Aloe Vera Oil? Unfortunately, it does not. In general, aloe vera hair oils are made by combining aloe gel with carrier oil. You can make this infusion by using any carrier oil that is safe for your hair such as olive oil, jojoba oil, […]


Aloe Vera Moisturizer

It is a plant in the cactus family, which is popular for cosmetic and medicinal purposes. There is a transparent gel-like substance inside the leaves of this plant that gives the plant its amazing properties. The extracts of aloe vera are incredibly moisturizing and healing for the skin since Aloe Vera Moisturizer contains over 96% […]


Aloe vera face wash

Aloe vera face wash has antiviral and antibacterial properties that can significantly benefit your skin – especially the delicate skin on your face and neck. You can use pure aloe vera gel directly on your face as it is an ingredient in many beauty products. When applied properly, the gel helps to moisturize your skin, […]


Aloe Vera King Juice – Why It’s good for you

I enjoy doing my grocery shopping. Let me clarify a few things for you.  Still living under the roof of my generous parents, I do not live on my own (yet). Whenever I’m alone, I like to go shopping at the supermarkets and check out the new products I can purchase. Normally, I walk around […]

7-Amazing-Uses-for-Aloe Vera

7 Amazing Uses for Aloe Vera

Introduction Sunburn and wounds can be heal up by aloe vera gel. You probably didn’t realize that your favorite potted plant is more than just a decoration and a way to treat sunburn. Succulents have been cast off as medicine for thousands of years, dating back to ancient Egypt. Plants of this species have their […]