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Aloe Vera plant leaves bending


An Aloe Vera plant is one of the most common houseplants because of its plethora of health benefits. However, the plant is not without its problems. Among those problems is the aloe vera plant leaves bending. So, let me explain:

I am going to tell you about how to fix bent aloe leaves today and how to fix them. As someone who has had a few instances of plants not doing well in my gardening journey, I understand how you feel. Moreover, I do not wish you to follow this emotionally draining path.

6 Possible Reasons & Their Solution

Keeping the Aloe Vera plant watered carelessly is the main cause of aloe vera plant bent leaves. Watering carelessly is one of the primary causes of bending aloe vera leaves. Underwatering and overwatering can both contribute to this issue? To identify which one is the root cause of your problem, continue reading.

  1. During under watering:

Aloe Vera is a succulent plant whose leaves store water, causing it to look so juicy. If you keep your plant thirsty (don’t provide it with water), it will use up the water from its leaves for making food. It will then bend the leaves.

Watering your Aloe Vera plant too frequently, or if you see cracks in the soil, or if you usually don’t water it, can very well cause bent Aloe Vera leaves. Once you begin to water it properly, you won’t have to worry about this happening. If the soil feels damp to your finger, it is wet. The feeling of dryness is a sign that the product is dry. It should hydrate afterward, otherwise do not.

2. Watering too much:

Those who are just starting in gardening “many times’ of leaving their plants thirsty, so they water each one in the same way. Additionally, if you are one of those people and you are doing the same with your aloe vera plant, it might the reason why it is bending. It is dangerous to overwater Aloe Vera plants as this can cause root rot, which in turn restricts the root’s ability to absorb water, and then it starts to take up water from the leaves, causing them to rot. You may also see yellowing or browning in the leaves due to overwatering. The likelihood of overwatering your aloe vera potting soil is high if it appears very wet and soggy. Make sure you get to it right away or your plant may perish.

The solution is simple:

3. Inappropriate sunlight:

A lack of sunlight is another cause of aloe plant leaves bending. A plant such as Aloe vera appreciates sunlight and thrives under it, however, too much direct sunlight can cause sunburn because the leaves contain water.

If you keep your aloe vera plant leaves bending in a shady area, you might have noticed that it begins to bend and even dies. The sun makes the plant weaker. Keeping it in a place where it receives bright indirect sunlight for at least four hours is the only way to save it.

4. Leaving the Container Unrotated:

Have you noticed that all the leaves of your aloe vera plant are bending in the same direction? This occurs since they are receiving sunlight only on one part of the plant, so the leaves grow in that direction and eventually bend because they are out of shape.

Therefore, it is best to rotate the container in which your plant is kept so that it gets sunlight evenly from all sides. You must have enough sunlight for your Aloe Vera plant because if any area of the container does not get sunlight, the potting soil begins to rot and then spreads throughout.

5. Temperatures Under Cold Conditions:

Aloe vera plant leaves bending might bend if the temperature in your region has dropped below 0 degrees Celsius and your aloe vera plant is kept outdoors. It may bend once the temperature reaches freezing because the water inside starts to function abnormally when the temperature drops below freezing.

Aloe vera leaves may bend once the temperature reaches freezing because the water inside starts to function abnormally when the temperature drops below freezing. If the temperature falls below freezing, aloe vera leaves will bend because the water inside starts to function abnormally. Aloe vera plants will not survive cold temperatures as they cannot withstand such conditions. Indoors, you should place your aloe vera plants in a warmer environment. You will see that your plant will begin to recover within 2-3 days.

If this is true, it could explain why Aloe Vera leaves bend. Plants become stressed when the temperature changes suddenly, leading to bending. It is therefore recommended that you change its location when the temperature changes. From indoors where it received only filtered light to sudden harsh bright sunlight shouldn’t be done. Start by placing it in a place where it will only receive morning sunlight for a few days, and once it adapts, move it to direct sunlight. In this case, the shock will cause the plant to go insane and result in the bending of the leaves.

6. Potting soil of poor quality:

Aloe Vera Plant Leaves Bending Because of an Invisible Reason You might not be able to see the reason why your aloe vera plant leaves bend. If you are using potting soil for your aloe vera plant, then there is a very good chance that it could cause this. Plants with poor drainage or soil that holds excess moisture for an extended period can suffer from root rot, leading to bent leaves.

Are there any solutions to this problem?

If your aloe vera potting soil does not drain excess water quickly, it needs to swap. According to what I said previously, the aloe vera plant does not need frequent watering, however, it must be flooded when watered. As a result, if the soil cannot flush out that water rapidly, then a problem occurs. To make sure the water goes out of the drainage holes, the potting soil should have enough sand and pebbles. The addition of peat moss or coco peat should be done in very small quantities.

The Wrong Container is Chosen:

Aloe Vera plant leaves bending can also bring about by the container. Additionally, there are quite a few things that can go wrong with your container:

What type of container do you have?

You may find that your aloe vera plant is thirsty if you are using a clay pot since it is soaking up most of the water and moisture it needs.
So, either repot it into a plastic pot or use a grow bag or saucer to help it take in water.

It does not have drainage holes:

Although aloe vera plants can go for long periods without water, they require flooding when this happens. In the absence of drainage holes, your container can pretty much cause root rot and bending of leaves.
Moreover, if your Aloe Vera plant does not have drainage holes, it lacks oxygen, which further causes it to die. Make sure you have three to four drainage holes on the bottom of your container.

A container’s size is:


If you have bent leaves on your top-heavy aloe plant, I hope this guide has helped you determine your cause of yours and the solution to it. Please remember that you aren’t alone in this.

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