Aloe Vera Mattress is infused inside the memory foam of the Spinal Response mattresses. These mattresses completely utilize the benefits of aloe vera. Aloe vera gel, among other ingredients, is used in these mattresses to provide a natural feel.

When used in conjunction with aloe vera gel, the health benefits of viscoelastic foam are enhanced. People who sleep on the mattress receive these benefits.

Aloe Vera Mattress Benefits & Reviews 


Those mattresses that feature more than one layer of aloe gel will considered aloe vera mattresses. A layer of foam that is infused with aloe gel is used in the top layer of memory foam mattresses by Spinal response.

A layer of foam that is infused with aloe gel is used in the top layer of memory foam mattresses by Spinal response. Aloe vera gel is used in the top layer of memory foam mattresses by Spinal response.

Aloe vera offers numerous benefits. Mattress gel infusions are used mostly to cool down mattresses. Sleepers are often uncomfortable on memory foam mattresses because the foam tends to retain heat from their bodies.

Sleepers are often uncomfortable on memory foam mattresses because the foam tends to retain heat from their bodies. It is common for memory foam mattresses to cause discomfort for sleepers because the foam tends to retain body heat.

This function can also accomplished with aloe vera gel. Natural materials, such as aloe vera, are less likely to cause adverse health effects and environmental damage. Aloe vera gel is also beneficial for other reasons.

Many benefits of memory foam contain aloe gel.

Natural Coolant.

Aloe vera mattress draw a lot of heat during the night because they are so thick. Memory foam material maintains the body’s heat while it’s on the mattress. It causes the body to accumulate heat while sleeping.

Cooling is achieved through gel infusions, specifically aloe vera gel infusions. When incorporated into the mattress, aloe gel becomes a natural coolant. The gel dissipates the heat and reduces the temperature. Thus, sleeping is more comfortable.

Allergic Reactions Can Prevented 

Antimicrobial properties of aloe vera reduce the likelihood of microbial accumulation on or in the mattress. Thus, allergic reactions are reduced. Allergies are less likely to occur with the aloe gel as it prevents the accumulation of bacteria, fungus, and even dust mites. Asthma sufferers also benefit from it.

Aside from the benefits listed above 

Aloe vera also improves blood circulation as part of its curative properties. While sleeping, memory foam decreases pressure points on the body to create a calm and relaxed environment. With aloe gel present, this improves overall blood circulation. The soft texture of aloe gel makes the mattress feel softer. Relaxation requires soft surfaces, such as aloe gel, at the end of a tiring day.

Buying a Memory Foam Mattress with the Spinal Response is a Good idea 

There are more than two layers of foam in the Spinal Response memory foam aloe vera mattress. Smooth top mattresses with a top thickness of 11 inches and 8 inches are the most popular mattresses in this variety. Its two largest sizes are the most popular. Let’s find out how they feel and what makes them so popular.

Smooth Top Mattress – Twin and Queen – Aloe Gel Memory Foam by Spinal Response

Two of Spinal Response’s most popular aloe vera mattress are the 11-inch aloe gel memory foam smooth top mattresses. The mattresses are available in twin and queen sizes. The presence of aloe vera gel is what attracts many people to this mattress. Compared to chemical gel, natural aloe vera gel has a better cooling effect. Many customers value this property.

There are several layers of Mattresses

Three layers make up the mattress. Memory foam with aloe gel is the top layer. Approximately one inch thick, it is the thinnest layer. A memory foam mattress with a density of 4 pounds is softer and more comfortable.

Cooling effects are provided by this layer, which keeps the mattress cool. In extending its benefits faster, the natural layer should located closer to the body. Besides Green tea, charcoal, etc., other materials are also infused into the top layer.

The third layer is 3 inches thick memory foam that has a higher density. A layer of this sort straddles the softer and harder layers. By doing so, body conformity will also preserved, although not excessively so. The density of this memory foam is 3 pounds.

Support is provided by the layer of high-density memory foam at the bottom of the aloe vera mattress. Mattresses made with this density of foam support the body well without sinking overly.

It is a reflex foam that is used here. Jacquard quilts cover the entire aloe vera mattress. It is not possible to remove the cover, so you must especially careful with the mattress. Smooth and even in appearance, and soft to the touch, the mattress top stays smooth and even in appearance.

Queen and twin mattresses are the most popular mattress sizes. Two standard mattress sizes can fit in other bed frames with the same dimensions. It also boasts three layers of memory foam with additions of aloe gel, charcoal infusion, and green tea. The 8-inch thick memory foam mattress has a smooth top and is manufacture from aloe gel memory foam. Mattresses made with natural ingredients have greater benefits and contain fewer chemicals.

 Mattress layers

An infusion of charcoal is infuse into the top layer of memory foam. About half an inch of this layer is infuse with charcoal. Another layer is made up of memory foam with an infusion of green tea. This mattress is made up of three layers. The top two layers are compose of Aloe gel. The third and last layer is 4.5-inch thick high-density foam. Support layers do this by evenly distributing the body weight throughout the body.

Information Additional to that Provided

In the top layer, memory foam has body conformity to cradle the body. That reduces pressure points and improves comfort while sleeping. Infusing the mattress with gel reduces heat retention. Using charcoal and green tea keeps your mattress fresh and helps eliminate odors. As a result of these materials, improved blood circulation will also occur, which is crucial for a good night’s sleep.

Memory foam infusions used for different purposes

An activate charcoal infusion is use to remove odors. Chemicals and substances that cause odors can absorb into them and retain. It keeps the mattress fresh and odor-free because charcoal infusion is use on the top layers. Charcoal infusion can also inhibit the growth of dust mites and mold. There are health benefits associate with aloe vera for both the environment and people. Spinal Response mattresses contain aloe gel that keeps diseases at bay. These mattresses prevent allergies, asthma, and skin allergies. Keeping it fresh and free of microbial growth is also important. Its benefits extend to the sleeper as well when green tea is present on the mattress. Moreover, it keeps odors at bay and makes the mattress odor-free.

Things to Remember While Using Memory Foam Mattresses

Compact boxes of memory foam mattresses are provided by Spinal Response. Upon delivery, it is important to unpack the mattresses immediately. The package should removed, the cover unwrapped, and the package unrolled.

The mattress takes approximately 72 hours to expand fully. The shape is kept for 48 hours, but the expansion may take longer. Keeping the chemical smell at bay can achieved by unwrapping as early as possible. It can smell bad if you keep the mattress in plastic for a long period. This plastic contains many chemicals.

Memory foam Mattresses Reviews from Customers of Spinal Response

Tempurpedic owned by Stin from Illinois for years was a proud possession. He feels this mattress is as good as the higher-priced Tempurpedic after testing the 11-inch soft top memory foam mattress.

This mattress should not topped with a mattress pad, as this could compromise its real comfort. A loosely fitted sheet is also preferable to allow the mattress to breathe.

Shachi advises all not to buy memory foam mattress toppers since they are not worth the money given that you can get a real mattress at the same price as the topper. Besides being affordable, the Spinal Response memory foam mattresses can also provide the comfort that every person desires.

This is a product she recommends to everyone. The brand believes the 8-inch memory foam mattress offers the perfect balance of softness and firmness. It did not emit any unpleasant odors, either. The smell was somewhat uncomfortable at first, but it subsided sooner than expected.

What is a twin gel memory foam mattress?

There is also a cooling gel in a twin gel memory foam mattress. The gel absorbs body heat and draws it away from the body. A gel memory foam mattress creates a cooler sleeping surface.

Gel beads or liquid are used in memory foam mattresses. A thin layer of gel is spread on the surface of the mattress, or it is spread throughout the mattress.

Gel memory foam mattresses offer the following benefits:

  • Sleeping on a cooler surface is especially beneficial during warm nights
  • Because it reduces motion transfer
  • From the floor to your body and supports the spine

The following are the disadvantages of gel memory foam mattresses:

  • Due to the additional materials and cooling technology, these mattresses are typically more expensive than standard memory foam mattresses.
  • Smell of chemicals
  • Heavy; the mattresses are heavier than other mattress types

What is Green Tea Mattress Memory Foam 

Fresh-as-green tea mattress memory foam and plush-as-cotton-ball fabric make this mattress a treat. A green tea-infused memory foam mattress is packed with antioxidants that keep your mattress fresh, as well as ActivCharocal nanoparticles that control bacteria and odors. A precise layering of foam provides you with a supportive feel while aligning your spine.

What is the purpose of using Green Tea extract in your foam?

A natural ingredient like green tea extract can help you sleep well and maintain freshness.

Why do we use pressure relief foam?

The pressure-relieving properties of Z:base foam eliminate pressure points so that you wake up with fewer aches and pains. Your bones and joints sink into the soft foam as it conforms to your body.

How should this mattress be supported?

This mattress requires little maintenance. An adjustable bed frame would work just fine! A box spring, platform bed frame, slatted base, bunkie board, or slatted base all work well. A flat surface is recommended for extra support.


When too many ‘high’ quality materials are use in making memory foam mattresses, the price will rise. A product with natural ingredients, such as charcoal, green tea, and aloe gel infusion, is more valued.

Despite the reasonable price, the Spinal Response mattresses are still too tempting to resist. Memory foam aloe vera cool gel mattress from Spinal Response are an excellent choice if you’re on a tight budget or skeptical about expensive mattresses. Your satisfaction is guarantee!


Thinking about buying a memory foam mattress or a gel foam mattress? Below we answer what you need to know.

Gel or Memory Foam: Which Is More Comfortable?

A gel foam mattress may be more comfortable for you than a memory foam mattress, depending on your sleeping preferences.

A gel foam mattress is an excellent, cooling choice for sleepers who prefer a cool, bouncy feel. Meanwhile, memory foam is a popular choice among those who want a warm, cozy sleep.

Can I Buy Memory Foam Sleeping Pillows Online?

There are three main differences between memory foam and gel foam:

  • As for temperature, Gel foam is cooler to the touch, whereas traditional memory foam is hot to the touch.
  • Memory foam will hold its shape better than gel foam when it bounces back.
  • It is more expensive to purchase gel foam than memory foam.

Should You Buy Memory Foam or Gel Foam?

It is important to decide which type of foam is best for you because both memory foam and gel foam make great mattresses. There are several firmness levels of memory foam and gel foam that provide moldable support, stabilization, and pain relief.
Mattresses made of gel foam tend to be cooler in temperature and bounce back much faster than mattresses made of memory foam. While still being more affordable due to their lack of gel pods, memory foam mattresses have a higher density.

How do you rate gel mattresses?

Many people find gel-infused mattresses extremely comfortable. Gel pods, much like memory foam, cool the body while also conforming to the individual’s unique position. Gel mattresses are also quick to revert to their original shape when you get out of bed.

Deciding which mattress to buy can seem overwhelming. You’ll be on your way to a better night’s sleep once you decide between a gel foam vs. A memory foam mattress. Would you like to see more options? Find your dream memory foam or gel foam bed at Casper by browsing all their snooze-worthy mattresses.