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Aloe Vera Amla Juice

Fill that glass with aloe amla juice if you want glowing skin, luscious locks, and a flat belly! Aloe is widely use in both skin care and hair care products throughout the world as a natural remedy for a variety of ailments.

Amla, or Indian Gooseberry, has been use in India for millennia for treating several skin and hair conditions. Both ingredients are often tout as cures for all known ailments (making the claims suspect), but there are many good reasons to include both in your beauty regimen, especially combine.

Skin and hair are care for with aloe and amla in Ayurveda. Aloe is commonly found in creams and gels for skin and hair, while amla is commonly found in hair oils.

You can also drink both ingredients as juices. A mixture of aloe vera juice and amla juice is one of the most effective remedies for hair and skin care, as well as weight loss. We’ll examine how aloe amla juice helps and if it really does offer the benefits it claims.

Juice of Aloe Vera and Amla for Skin Care


All three doshas are balanced by aloe, making it a valuable aid to individuals regardless of their dosha type. All three doshas are pacified by amla (or amalaki).

The nutrients found in aloe and amla have a positive effect on skin health. They reduce inflammation and promote clear, youthful-looking skin.

In addition to boosting ojas, they also strengthen immunity and delay aging-relate damage. Gels and oils are commonly apply topically, but they are also ingestible, which makes them valuable when consume.

Numerous studies back up these assertions. Vitamins, minerals, phenolic compounds, saponins, sterols, enzymes, and amino acids are just some of the active ingredients in aloe vera.

The exact biochemical mechanisms that influence skin repair and regeneration with aloe juice consumption remain unclear, but a study published in Annals of Dermatology clearly shows that dietary aloe consumption stimulates collagen production and limits collagen degradation.

A study found that this improved skin elasticity as well as reduced wrinkle formation. There are a number of polyphenols in amla, including flavonoids and gallic acid, which has a similar nutritional profile.

Besides supporting the immune system, Japanese researchers have found that amla benefits collagen metabolism, which protects against aging. In another study, researchers found that amla bolsters the skin’s immunity to sun damage.

Aloe Vera Amla Juice for Hair Care

This fruit has been use for millennia for this purpose, and amla oil is one of the most commonly use hair oils on the subcontinent. As a skin care product, Aloe is also beneficial for hair, but it is less known for its hair-care benefits.

Amla supports hair growth and may delay greying or hair loss, while aloe reduces inflammatory scalp conditions that can cause excessive hair loss by soothing the scalp.

The nutritional profile of aloe amla juice and its dosha balancing properties may explain its skin care benefits. While the effectiveness of natural treatments varies depending on the individual and the length of the treatment, the results so far are promising.

The 5*-reductase enzyme and hair growth in Thailand have been studied by scientists at Chiang Mai University. Amla was found to inhibit 5*-reductase strongly.

A pattern of hair loss link to the enzyme is almost always seen in men, who suffer from male pattern baldness. Aloe juice can  recommend for hair care, though more clinical studies are need.

Researchers have demonstrated that aloe has anti-inflammatory benefits both through topical and oral consumption, with some research suggesting that dietary intake of aloe may  useful in managing inflammatory bowel disease.

There is also evidence that aloe contains antiseptics like salicylic acid, cinnamomic acid, and phenols, lending credence to the idea that aloe may help treat or prevent scalp infections.

Aloe Vera Amla Juice for Weight Loss

The most effective way to lose weight isn’t by drinking aloe and amla juice overnight. As a complement to healthy eating and exercise, Ayurveda recommends drinking aloe amla juice for weight loss.

It is also thought to regulate appetite and improve digestion and lower ama buildup as a result of the juice. By flushing toxins from the body, the juice combo may aid in reducing fat accumulation.

As a result of aloe amla juice stabilizing blood sugar, you will be less likely to overindulge or choose unhealthy foods in the future. Based on available evidence, aloe, and amla juice may not offer significant weight loss potential.

Despite the fact that mechanisms of action are not entirely clear, much of what claims about weight loss have scientific validity.

Tokyo researchers found that aloe vera consumption inhibited fat accumulation, possibly by increasing energy expenditure. The researchers in another study described body weight reduction and improved insulin sensitivity in the journal Nutrition. There was a significant reduction in body weight gain, insulin, leptin, and lipids associated with amla consumption.

A Word of Caution

Combining aloe and amla juice protects your hair and skin by providing a variety of essential and trace nutrients that promote healthy hair and skin. Whether applied topically or ingested, this latex produces allergic reactions in most people.

To avoid this, you should opt for pre-packaged aloe juice or gel. Consuming amla in moderation is generally considered safe, but aloe requires greater caution. There is no need to consume more than 2 to 4 ounces of aloe vera juice per day. Ingesting higher doses can cause side effects, including nausea, diarrhea, and abdominal pain.

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