Here is a simple and delicious Quick Honey Garlic Sauce Recipe that you can make at home with only five pantry ingredients. This easy sauce serves well over grilled chicken, fried chicken wings, or fish and goes well with any of these dishes.

The following recipe is a good way to find DIY garlic honey sauce if you are wondering how to make it at home. The recipe will surely please you, and you’ll finish it quickly. There are no preservatives in this sauce, so it is better than store-bought sauce. You get a restaurant-like flavor while also saving money.

What Is Honey Garlic Sauce?

Because of its unique texture and delicious taste, it is the most popular sauce in Canada. Due to the fact that honey and garlic help prepare it, honey garlic sauce is sweet and sour in taste. For those of you who are into food and like sticky things, this is the perfect pour for you.

There are a variety of ways to use the garlic honey sauce recipe, which simplifies your life. The recipe is known to foodies all around the globe and is a popular one. A honey garlic sauce is a perfect addition to any kitchen if you are a lover of honey garlic flavors. The result will give you the same taste as what you would get if you went to a cafe.

The last time I made roasted carrots with honey garlic, I used a similar sauce, which went over well with my family. Because of its sweet and sour taste, kids will especially love it. Whether you are preparing roasted chicken, vegetables, fish, or shrimp, this sauce goes well with any of those. There is no better way to spice up your dinner than with this value-added sauce!

This Sauce Only Requires 5 Ingredients


Let it pop for a few seconds with equal parts oil and butter to avoid burning. You will taste the best butter flavor from that, and the sauce will taste even better. A simple hack can have a big impact on the outcome of your recipes.

Grated Garlic:

It is the addition of garlic to the dish that imparts its garlicky and slightly pungent taste. The honey garlic sauce is easy to prepare using grated, pasted, or even simply powdered variety. Using grated garlic gives a perfect taste when eating, as well as a good look, so it’s best to use chunks of garlic.


Adding honey to the dish enriches the flavor of the dish as it imparts a unique aroma to it but also creates a sweet flavor to the dish. In my opinion, this is the type of sauce that is able to keep you coming back for more.

Tomato Ketchup:

The recipe here uses garlic chili ketchup, but regular tomato ketchup would work just as well. As a result, it creates a flavor that is sweet, sour, and tangy at the same time.

Dark Soya Sauce:

If you want to add soy sauce to this recipe, you can do so either with dark or simple soy sauce. No limits are set on how much you can use, so you can alter it according to your tastes. However, it will make a noticeable difference in taste if you just use a little bit of it.

Salt and Pepper (If desired):

They don’t need it because salty butter is used, as is soy sauce, which is why I do not have to add salt at all, as it contains salt already. I want to point out that you can add a little to the taste as per your personal choice if it requires your way.

I have to say that what is great about this technique is that all you need to prepare it is a skillet and a few minutes on the stovetop. In order to make this sauce, you do not need to use a blender.

What is the best way to make this recipe?

Firstly, melt butter or oil over medium heat, then whisk it until it becomes bubbly. Garlic should now be added to the pan and sautéed for a few minutes until it starts to smell good and turns golden brown. Add honey now, stir well, and then you will have a sticky mixture that will coat the back of your spoon. It is vital to mix it well after you have added the tomato ketchup and soya sauce. Depending on your taste, salt and pepper are optional. As soon as it becomes cold, mix well and serve.

Special steps

Make sure that you do not cook at high heat. It would be best to cook on a medium heat setting. To make your sauce have garlic chunks in it, you can add grated garlic to it if you want. It can also be used as a paste or powder if you do not have garlic paste at hand. Be sure that the level of the heat is low before adding the honey. Be sure to whisk quickly after you add the honey to the mixture. The sauce flavor can change if you cook it for too long, or else you’ll have a strange taste in the sauce. It’s up to you whether you want salt or pepper. Add salt and pepper to taste before adding them to your honey garlic sauce. Check that the soy sauce and butter are salted already.

How Should I Store This Sauce?

As soon as you have made it, you should let it cool down! And now that it’s all ready for eating and storing, it’s ready to enjoy. Then simply place it in a box that is airtight, and place it in the fridge for at least 15 days. In the future, you can microwave the mixture for just a couple of seconds, then whisk it until it’s ready to use.

This sauce makes a perfect addition to your food as it is sweet and sour in flavor.

Multiple uses of this sauce

This sauce goes well with a variety of things, such as:

  • Rice:

If you serve Butter Garlic Rice with this honey garlic sauce, you will get the best taste.

  • Chicken:

If you want to serve chicken, the sauce works well roasted or grilled, or fried. There is nothing better than eating it.

  • Fish:

If you want to serve grilled or BBQ fish, this sauce will enhance its flavor.

  • Snacks:

This sauce is perfect for serving fried or oven-baked snacks or for adding to sandwiches or burgers.

  • Veggies:

The sauce is delicious on oven-roasted veggies. It was great to try this sauce on carrots and cauliflower along with this recipe.